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[IP] Knee problem - Diabetes related or NOT?

About a month ago I put my knee on a padded bench to
boost myself up a few inches.  I got a horrible pain
down my leg from the outside edge of knee toward my
ankle.  And the feeling was then gone from about 3
inches above the bend in my knee extending down to
mid-calf along the exterior side of my leg.

It has not gotten any better since then.  Whenever I
have to get on my knees I again have this shooting
pain down my leg.  And still no feeling on that side
of my leg.  (I DO have feeling in my feet & hands).

I saw my MD last week.  He took an x-ray which ruled
out a tumor.  His dx is "old age" and "time will
heal".  WHAT??? - I'm only 41 (almost 42).  

Any ideas anyone?  (let us not forget I'm shopping for
a new endocrinologist/PCP).


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