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[IP] Re: my tragic lancet story

>>>Additionally, even if YOU know you don't have hepatitis or HIV or any
other blood borne pathogen that the trashman could get from a needle stick,
the guy who collects the trash does NOT know that. He doesn't even know
whose needle it was. Getting stuck could cause that person
great anguish as he decided whether to go through the ordeal of getting
treated with anti-virals and then worried for several months about whether
he had contracted a serious virus.>>>

A friend working at Bayer in the Glucometer dept. said they treat ALL
returned meters as though they had AIDS-potential abilities on them. They
take NO chances on any of them even though they are not sharp. The unknowns
are difficult on those workers. In dialysis I am getting Hep B shots (series
of 3), and the technicians wear face masks when treating those who have
catheters, and clear plastic face covers when inserting/removing the needles
on all patients. Utmost care is taken for protection. (~_^)

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