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Re: [IP] Refurbished MM 508 - Canada

I get my supplies from Respiracre in Canada... I can order them myself or
else Walmart will bring them in for me. I have found it to be much more
convient and faster than ordering straight from MM. My supplies usually
take about 3 business days. As far as service with MM and being Canada, I
haven't had a problem.  I needed a replacement pump 6 months ago and MM
had one on my door step in less than 24 hours.... so no complaints here.
Living in Canada shouldn't hinder your pump experience.  I am sure people
in the states are as likely to experience delivery problems as we are.

Sarah Arnal   Winnipeg, Manitoba 

22 years old Type I- nine years

MM508- 1 year


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I should know about service in Canada? What >about supplies how long does
delivery take? > >Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4) >
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