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Re: [IP] Fingers doing something ODD !

Sorry I am so late with this response.  I have been away.

The trigger finger answer is definitely correct, but the cortisone shots did
not help me.  I then had a tendon loop in the upper palm of my hand snipped
and it solved the problem and the finger is now great with no problems of
any kind.

I also want to point out that I also get stiff hands, which shows up first
thing in the AM.  After flexing them for a while (going to a wide-open palm
for 15 seconds and then to a tight fist for 15 more and repeating this 3 - 4
times) and I think it is due to build up of inflamation/fluids while

Neither my Endo or hand Dr. thought the finger or stiffness was due to being
diabetic.  however, due to this and several other reasons I have switched
Endos and when my new one asked if a I had any problems and I told him about
my hands, he said it was a common problem for diabetics.  Maybe you also
need a new endocrinologist?

To solve the stiffness problem I now wear tight gloves at night and in the
AM my hands are nearly perfect.  I think they are so tight less
fluid/inflammation can build up in my hands.

Charlie Flugel


Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 12:02:56 -0400
From: David F <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Fingers doing something ODD !

You have developed Tendentious, and you have what is called "trigger
finger".  It is not uncommon in diabetics, because diabetics at some
point or another develop inflammation.  But you can get cortisone
injections to relieve the pain.  Just goes along with having this
disease.  You should contact a Rhumetoidologists.

hope that helps!!
On Sunday, September 1, 2002, at 08:45  PM, David Flagg wrote:

> At 08:30 PM 9/1/02, you wrote:
>> HEY...
>> I am not sure if this problem I am having is related to my diabetes or
>> not(just seems EVERYTHING else is).
>> Anyway, some of my fingers feel funny, like they are jammed or
>> broken, they
>> really hurt. Then when i try to move them they kind of "lock up" I
>> have no
>> idea what this is, if it is arthritis or something else.......does
>> anyone
>> have any idea or anything similar?
>> Thanks!
>> Happy Pumping
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