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[IP] Some Sharps Information

<PRE>The correct action with sharps depends on where you live - In New Jersey 
those that sell you the sharps must provide the service for disposal but does 
not address sharps by mail for those using prescription plans - in the three 
hospitals I've worked in (all in NJ) - ( and it was my department that had 
the ultimate responsibility of disposing of the sharps ) each had a different 
procedure - one would not accept outside sharps, even from the local fire 
departments and rescue squads - said it was not in the budget for us to have 
our vendor handle other's sharps (Very few can process sharps - even with a 
medical waste incinerator or sterilizer/grinder, sharps are not recomended)  
The second ( with a diabetic clinic) provided the containers for free - hand 
in a full one and you get an empty.   The third had a sheet on what they 
would accept and when but did not provide a container.   So the best 
information would be to ask your local provider what is right; if they can't 
answer, call the local DEP (EPA) and ask them because their are regulations 
on sharps because they are HMW (Hazardous Medical Waste) and have different 
needs then MW (Municipal Waste)
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