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[IP] diabetes, pumping and pregnancy

Rachel & Betsy, I read your emails (I'm way behind on catching up on the
digest) and I can totally relate.  I too have had diabetes for about 9 years
(it will be 10 yrs in December) and I'm getting ready to start trying to
conceive.  I am being followed at a "high-risk pregnancy" clinic - my 1st
official appointment is tommorrow.  Going on the pump in January was my first
step towards preparing for pregnancy - my hemoglobin A1C is at 6.8 (not quite
as good as Rachel's!), I've had my eyes checked by an opthalmologist (& there
is no sign of retinopathy), I've been taking 4 mg of folic acid (did you know
women with diabetes should take 4 mg ??, for a normal woman the recommended
amount is 1 mg), and I am trying to achieve the blood sugar goals that my
doctor wants during pregnancy - they seem a bit crazy to me (I'm having
trouble achieving targets).  He wants fasting and premeal BG's to be < 5.3
(95) and 2-hour post meals to be < 6.7 (120).

I can totally relate to being jealous of friends that can start trying
whenever they want.  My best friend was beginning to think about starting a
family around the time that we were starting to talk about it/changing over to
the pump, and she is due November 6 - I haven't even started to try yet!...and
who knows how long it might take to get pregnant...it feels like by the time
I'm ready, my clock might have stopped ticking!

I would also be interested in talking to other women going through the same
process, or those who have been through it.  I worry about how difficult it
will be to control my blood sugars once the hormones of pregnancy are added to
the mix.  Maybe if we can't have a separate listserve, we could arrange a time
to have a pregnancy chat in the chat area?

age 30
dx 12/22/92
pumping since 01/08/02

Rachel Keeler <email @ redacted> wrote: "It would be great to talk to
other diabetic/pumping
women who have been through/are going through this same process."
Betsy FullMataz" <email @ redacted> wrote: "Considering all the months
of planning that have to go before even trying to get pregnant, I/we am/are
feeling a little rushed."
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