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Re: [IP] Re: Who uses control solution for meters? and cheap Comfort Curves

A couple years ago I started faithfully using control solutions with every
new vial of strips and whenever I questioned my results.  This was a result
of having a couple doctors and several nurses swear my meter must be wrong,
because it was "impossible" to have BG swings like I had.  (Every time my
meter is matched with theirs and with the lab results, mine is most

Also, over the past few months I've been buying Comfort Curve Strips on
eBay, and trust the control solutions to tell me that the strips have been
stored properly and are still good (in addition to the expiration date).  My
solutions cost about $12, 80% of which is covered by insurance, and they are
good for 3 months after opened.

BTW, Comfort Curves are available for as little as $25 per 100 on eBay--just
be sure of what the expiration dates are *before* you bid, and that they are
still sealed.
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