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Re: [IP] NLD

I've had NLD for 20 of my 26 years with diabetes.  I've had a couple lesions
that completely disappeared with cortisone injections when treated very soon
after their first appearance.

I currently have a permanent(?) lesion the size of two baseballs trying to
merge (very attractive!!).  My dermatologist tried the shots in one part of
the lesion, and on the other part I used EmbelineE cream twice daily for two
weeks on, then one week off, and so on--results were the same (so no more
shots for me!).

I've read that this is one of the only complications that does *not* improve
with improved BG control.  It is a disease of the arteries and only 0.01% of
all Type I's get it (I guess we're a rare breed!), and, this is weird,
teenaged/young women are more likely to get it.

Do NOT let it ulcerate!  I had an open, oozing wound the size and depth of a
quarter on my shin for 5 months.  Avoid injury (including scratches, bumps,
sunburn, doggie claws, etc.) at all costs!!

Other than that, I believe it's mostly a cosmetic problem.  One day I was
out front in shorts and my neighbor stopped by--he tried so hard to be
polite and not stare, but couldn't help but catch fleeting looks of horror
at my leg.  He probably thought I had leprosy or something <G>!!
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