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Re: [IP] NLD


I can't help you with the other stuff, but I share your frustration with 
NLD. I have a sore on my right leg just above the sock-line. I went to a 
dermatoligist for it once, but all he did was give me 10-12 injections of a 
steroid directly into the sore (OUCH!). It did not help. Since the sore 
first showed up, I have been consistently been told that it might go away 
with tighter control, but my A1c's are now approaching the excellent/normal 
range(Last was 6.8 - this week, I get the first one after starting the 
pump!), and its still the same. Some hope though - I had another one on my 
left foot, and it went away by itself. Feel free to contact me directly.

Type 1 7.5 years(dx @ 17), pumping 3 months

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>Subject: [IP] NLD
>Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 11:34:23 EDT
>Does anyone else have NLD? ( I cannot remember what it stands for) Mine is 
>my left shin and I use two Band-Aids to attempt to somewhat cover it. I 
>to know what other people do to help it.
>Also, I was just dx'd with rheumatoid arthritis and possibly lupus. On top 
>that and the Diabetes I also have Hoskimoto's Disease. Is anyone else 
>this sort of situation? I am having a hard time dealing with this. 
>my genepool needs chlorine, or so my Mom says.
>I would appreciate anyone's advice.
>Thank you,
>   Adriana dx'd in 1988 at age 7, pumping 1992-2000  and 8/12/02 MM 
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