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Re: [IP] Re: Who uses control solution for meters?

I am a Quality Manager at work, Calibration is my main focus. If the 
equipment I use is not calibrated it could cause future problems with 
our end product (your health). I have a set schedule for our equipment 
and I also calibrate if the readings seem off to the user.  Having said 
this I never have used the control solution with my freestyle meter. I 
can normally tell were my BG is at and if the meter shows opposite I'd 
either test with a my old meter and compare the numbers or if I could 
find it use the control solution even if it's out of date. Funny that 
for work I'm a stickler for calibration and control, but not with my own 
life support equipment, I guess I just trust  their quality and my feelings.


Barbara Pancari wrote:

>Hello, all -
>How many of you actually use the control solution for your glucose meters
>as often as the manufacturer suggests?  (once a week for Lifescan products,
>I think, and EVERY TIME a new vial is opened).  I rarely test my meter
>because the control solution is VERY expensive and once it's opened it
>expires very quickly.  Right now I have none and would have to get a
>script, blah blah blah.
>I just wonder how the rest of you deal with this issue.
>Thanks & regards,
>who would love to blame a not-so-good reading on an "off" meter!!
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