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Re: [IP] NLD

> Does anyone else have NLD? ( I cannot remember what it stands for) Mine is on 
> my left shin and I use two Band-Aids to attempt to somewhat cover it. I want 
> to know what other people do to help it.

I have had NLD for about 7-8 years.  I cannot remember how or when it started, 
really.  It is called Necrobiosis Lipoidicum Diabeticorum.  I don't put 
bandaids on it, as that has caused mine to break open in the past.  I have 
found body makeup for covering scars at the cosmetics counter at Dilliards.  I 
can't recall the name right now but if you email me privately I can get it for 
you from my mom.  Getting a slight tan and wearing pantyhose makes it less 
noticeable.  Mine gets dry and flaky, so to prevent it from cracking open and 
becoming an ulcer I avoid shaving in that area, put udder cream on it twice a 
day, and try to stay super conscious about not bumping or scratching it.  When 
it does open, I put duoderm pads on it.  They are the consistency of American 
cheese and you put it directly over the wound and leave it on for 3-4 days, 
then wash thoroughly and put another one on until the skin closes over.  You 
can find them at a medical supply store in different sizes and thickness.  If 
it doesn't heal within 1-2 weeks I go see my vascular surgeon.  I have gone to 
consultation with 2 plastic surgeons about a skin graft but they said not a 
good idea unless it's giving me problems that would justify the risk involved 
in skin graft, since that procedure is risky and probably will not heal in a 
diabetic.  I have been told that it will give me less problems when sugars are 
more stable, but I have been getting more and more stable and no change.  
Anyway if you want to know anything else fel free to email me privately.

Julie Britt
email @ redacted
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