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[IP] T-Shirts

George wrote: I do agree, but for a different reason.   We want to convey
the message toothers afflicted  with diabetes (and their caretakers) that
Pumping WILLmake a DIFFERENCE in their Lives.   Michael is working on a
site to displaythe different slogans and I prefer the choices of several
years ago:                  Life is Sweet Againand                      
No Longer a                   Shot in the Dark I want positive or
engaging slogans, not boastful or prurient.   JMO George      :>)  I
agree with George . . . positive slogans.  Maybe the front of the shirt
could have one of the slogans above with a reference to Insulin Pumping
and the back of the shirt could have the IP derrick logo with the IP
address and "I'm/Get Pumped!"  Whether you are a pumper or a supporter of
insulin pumping. My 2 cents . . . --- Sally Dawson---
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