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[IP] Disconnecting in the Shower

Just my two cents' worth...before I got infusion sets
that disconnect, I used to crimp off my line with that
little crimper it came with, then take the entire
syringe out of the pump and let it dangle in the
shower.  That was how I was taught to do it, and it
worked fine for me.  (I got my first pump a long time
ago - I think it was around 1987.)

Now that I can disconnect, I do.  Since my all day
basal rate is .1 unit per hour, I'm sure sometimes I
do miss my basal for the entire hour since I use a MM
507C pump.  That is why I want to go with a Disetronic
next time -  even that .1 unit will be broken down
into tiny doses all hour long (I think it's every 3
minutes).  It will be interesting to see how
differently my body responds to that...


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