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[IP] Re: my tragic lancet story

Dina asked:
>>WHO uses a sharps for lancets?>>

cuz I wrote:
> ummmm - where is your Sharps container???>

Well, let's ask the schoolteachers who have DMer kids in their classrooms
and the kids want to toss a used lancet in the trash? Don't think so!

How about the janitorial staff who empties those wastebaskets full of bank
receipts, packing peanuts, including lancets, etc.?Don't think so!

I'm sure it's a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) thing, but with AIDS and other
blood-borne diseases, we are cautioned often to put sharps in something
*safe* from accidental (as cited in the original post) stabbing. Even
Hepatitits isn't worth a jab from someone else's lancet. Once they leave our
homes, we have *some* responsibility of protecting the garbage men who won't
pick up the dog's randomly-distributed scavenging. (~_^)

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