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[IP] Re: Infusion Sets

Gail wrote, in sections:
>>Are the "needles" in the Sils, Comfort, et al made from the same teflon
that the sof-set cannulas are made from? Or are they a metal alloy?

The Sof-Set needles should be the same material as the others. Those needles
are removed and the Teflon canula is what remains.

> > In the old days when I was first pumping (1985), the metal alloy used to
make needles contained nickel.  I became VERY allergic to the nickel & had
to quit
pumping until I discovered that Minimed was using teflon cannulas. (think my
MD knew anything about it??>>

I didn't find out about the Teflon canulas and SofSets 'til '92 - when I had
to give up my CPI/Lilly Betatron II pump since I couldn't find supplies cuz
they quit making pumps. I went with MiniMed and *they* told me about the
SofSets. I don't know what pump you were using in '85 but I doubt if it was
another company they would have told you about MM's SofSets with the Teflon
canula. ;)

>>Why do folks choose NOT to use the Sof-sets?  >

I choose to use the SofSets - non QR.

>>>I am having some trouble with the Sof-sets losing efficacy after 3 days
(if I left it in until pump was empty, it would be in place for 4+ days so
am frustrated to have to yank before reservoir is empty).

If I have not emptied a reservoir (even if I do), I often refill it
including what was in the tubing - withdraw it and reinsert the filler
needle and pull out the additional insulin I need. I have had no problems
doing that for the past 19 years - that I know of. YMMV (~_^)
 Do the other infusion sets "hold" for longer?

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