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[IP] Infusion Sets

I cannot tell from the photos on the Minimed site and
am not trusting of the marketing text used to describe
the infusion sets - so here's my question ->  Are the
"needles" in the Sils, Comfort, et al made from the
same teflon that the sof-set cannulas are made from? 
Or are they a metal alloy?

In the old days when I was first pumping (1985), the
metal alloy used to make needles contained nickel.  I
became VERY allergic to the nickel & had to quit
pumping until I discovered that Minimed was using
teflon cannulas. (think my MD knew anything about it??
- am finally shopping for a new MD BTW).

If the needles are made from a metal alloy - what is

Why do folks choose NOT to use the Sof-sets?  

I am having some trouble with the Sof-sets losing
efficacy after 3 days (if I left it in until pump was
empty, it would be in place for 4+ days so am
frustrated to have to yank before reservoir is empty).
 Do the other infusion sets "hold" for longer?

And finally - Animas insurance reps are pounding on my
insurance company and I am one A1c result away from
getting a new R1000 to replace my obsolete 507c.  Ever
think you would HOPE to have your A1c come back above
7.0??? It will be my luck to -for the first time ever-
have a great result <7.0.  I should know whether or
not I'm approved in the next couple of weeks.  Good
karma thoughts are appreciated! :-)


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