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Re: [IP] Re: my tragic lancet story

>ummmm - where is your Sharps container???
>ummmm - where is your Sharps container???

How many people acually put their lancets into a sharps container?  I sure 
don't.  Our city doesn't have a sharps disposal program so the sharps 
containers - those that use them, most use a bleach bottle here- once full 
go out with the trash.  Once they get in the garbage truck and are compacted 
they break open and are mixed with the rest of the garbage.  The only reason 
we but them in a bottle is that when animals mostly birds here, rip open 
your garbage if they pull out needles the garabe men refuse to pick up your 
garbage. And we end up looking like druggies too!

My lancets go in the trash, alway have and most likley always will.
Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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