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Re: [IP] Changing Sites and Low Blood Sugars

dose your friend disconect from her previous site before she takes the empty 
syringe out of the pump? if shes not she might be pushing some left over 
insulin threw when she takes it out of the pump.

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>Subject: [IP] Changing Sites and Low Blood Sugars
>Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 22:11:45 -0800
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>I have a friend who started on the pump about six months ago.  She has
>been having a problem with low blood sugars when she changes her site.
>She is using a Minimed 508.  She has been changing her site in the
>morning (around 7-7:30 a.m.) and then have lows about two hours after.
>When I asked her about priming her pump, she said that she had not been
>taught to do that.  Still, it seemed like failing to prime would result
>in higher not lower blood sugars.
>The only other contributor that I could identify is her basal rates.
>She has just one basal rate of .8 units per hour.  It seemed like that
>could be a little high for an all day basal rate.  Still, it seemed to
>me that it should create a problem on an ongoing basis not just when she
>changed her infusion site.
>She had a pretty bad reaction a couple of weeks ago and would really
>appreciate any help folks could offer.  Thanks...
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