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Re: [IP] D-Tron Batteries

On 9/1/02 1:47 PM, "Rabbi Hirsch Meisels"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

> My D-Tron keeps burning batteries on me, I have to change once a week for the
> last four weeks.  Any ideas?
> Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
> Jewish Friends With Diabetes
> www.FriendsWithDiabetes.org
> ----------------------------------------------------------

The bettery packs are manufactured for Disetronic, and their battery
suppliers have been Renata and Varta.   The packs I currently have in my
H-tron have Varta batteries.  They last for at least 10 weeks.  When I had
the Renata batteries sometimes they would die in 2 weeks.  The Renata
batteries were a BIG mistake from Disetronic, they thought they had a
bargain, but only ended up causing their users a lot of grief.

You could feel fortunate.   I tried a loaner D-tron for two days and both of
the sample batteries (which were marked 2003-07, 0118359) crapped out after
24 hours.  Looking at the battery inside the sleeve it only has a label
stuck on one end that says 0Z41, no other identification that I see.  Ask
your rep who the manufacturer of the D-tron batteries is.  It sounds like
the Renata "lemons" again.        :>(

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