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[IP] disconnect for shower

> slightly cheaper than the quick connect, but you have the
> inconvenience of not being able to disconnect for showering 

what is inconvenient about that?  where am i supposed to clup the sucker when 
i am naked?????????
  Does anyone remember those stupid shower bags minimed used to sell...what a 
joke...you hooked this baggie over your neck and were supposed to shower away

Personally, I find my time in the shower one of complete naked abandonment - 
LIBERTATION from clothes and other accoutrements. I LIKE scrubbing 
vigorously, and shaving and washing my hair and just enjoying the water...i 
do not want to have to stay NEAR the soap dish so my pump doesn't slide off 
and swing like a pendulum into the wall, then rip the site out of my body, 
then I crack my head on the faucet as I reach down to pick the pump up, 
praying it isn't cracked due to the intensity of the fall....

I do not find disconnecting to be inconvenient at all...besides...based on 
the average length of time i shower, I am ONLY missing 1/10 of a unit....i 
can take that when i hook back up - NO one should be that anal about missing 
1/TENTH of a unit of insulin 

sara sp az
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