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[IP] CDEs and ice cream

no disrepect intended to our member m,edical professionals but....

someone wrote:
> My CDE recommendedhaving the ice cream with dinner instead 
> of bed time snack sinceit would be absorbed in combination with 
> other foods

well, is that not one of the more ridiculous things I ever heard?  (not from 
whoever wrote that, but your CDE...)  First of all, this is the rule you use 
for HIGH SUGAR foods...such as fruit, fruit juice and other simple 
sugars...you eat them WITH protein, fat or other complex carbs to SLOW their 
absorption.  Eating ice cream with dinner is NOT going to help the carbs get 
absorbed faster!!!!   the 28 grams of FAT in a 1/2 cup of Ben and Jerry's 
will see to that!!  

Secondly, this kind of dogmatic teaching is old school!  Why not just go back 
to shots, or clinitest to test the urine if you aren't going to experiment 
and live and little and find out what DOES work?  the whole point of all this 
technology is so that we can have as normal a life as anyone else (what is 
normal, of course, one must ask...)  and eat junk when we want it (whether 
our fat butts NEED it or not is another story...)  How many of you so-called 
NORMAL people like to have a little ice cream before you go to bed...well, 
welcome to reality...every one does (except those of us who are lactose 
intolerant and dont wannna fart in bed all night....then there are those of 
us who live alone and can fart if we wanna.....)

In MY experience, and I have had a LOT in regards to ice cream, especially 
the REAL, high fat, good tasting ones....I take almost 1/2 the bolus for the 
carbs indicated.  Then I put in a TEMP BASAL for the rest of the carbs spread 
out over the next 2 - 3 hours....I usually wait til AFTER i am done eating 
before i put in the temp rate....Yes, i have a pump that does the dual wave 
and the square wave...blah blah blah....but the temp basal works BEST for me


Sara Smarty Pants Square Bob  - uh...i mean AZ
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