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[IP] Life is to be enjoyed

> Second, (I'll phrase this delicately since there are all kinds and ages of
> people)  What does one do about pumping during "romantic interludes"?  In
> all honesty, I haven't dated in six months, I also have heart disease and
> renal failure.  So, perhaps "romantic interludes" may be a form of wishful
> thinking.  When I talked to my GP about "romantic interludes" lack of
> opportunity and lack of capacity, I was told that I'd need a referral to a
> urologist.  Not that any referal ever happened.
> I'll continue reading so that I can make my points.  Just in  the first
> chapter I can see advantages to the pump, even if I have to give up being
> a swimming pool or having "romantic interludes".
Diabetes can certainly wreck your sexual life, if you let it, get the
referral to a urologist. Insist on it. If your doc wont give it to you call
your health insurance adminisratator, even Medicare recognizes and pays for
impotance therapy. Ask your doc which of the drugs you are taking could be
causing the "ed" unless you have angina during sexual activity or symptoms
of chf, yolu can just disconnect from the pump and do it. newer medications
may help with the "ed" and injected medications also help. SSRI's like
Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil all can cause impotance.   Enjoy life to the
fullest.  Dont be discouraged if Viagra does not work.
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