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[IP] My Anniversary

Dear Michael and Fellow Pumpers

Please join me in celebrating the 48th year of my survival with  Insulin
Dependant Diabetes. I went into diabetic coma in September 1954 after several
weeks of intense hunger, constant urinating and an ongoing sense of shame that
I could no longer keep up with the rest of the family. That sense of shame
grew as my parents gave away  their authority to my diabetologist and I was
put on a strict  regimen  that  isolated me from the normal activities of my
peers.  Still life went on....sort of.   I felt dead inside.

Five years ago, I had the opportunity to become Internet Mom to a young
diabetic mother who too had suffered much abandonment from her family as her
disease  progressed unrelentlessly. She decided to go on the pump and joined
Insulin Pumpers, encouraging me to follow suite.  So  I too became a Pumper.
Sadly Debbie did not improve and even a pancreas transplant proved  futile.
All I could give her was love. I miss her dreadfully.

 Pumping however, facilitated by the inspiration of other Insulin Pumpers
restored me to myself.  Gone the sense of shame, of guilt at the complications
I eventually developed  but could not prevent years ago. I feel more alive  at
age 62 than I did at 14. PUMPING IS POWER!

In honor of my own 48th anniversary,  of  Debbie's valiant efforts to conquer
a disease that in the end conquered her, and in honor of my own mother who
would have given anything to see me well again, I am donating $500 to Insulin
Pumpers to be used to start off the Pumpers T shirt
venture or if that does not materialize,  whatever Michael can use  the money

Happy Labor Day to all!

Denise Guerin
Animas R 1000

PS  Michael, my check is in the mail.
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