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Re:[IP] pump malfunctions-old info for MM508

This is a notice from MiniMed (posted on site at bottom), but according to the
info, the error should have been corrected:
Diabetes News
November 21st, 1999
"MiniMed Says Its Insulin Pump Has Software Error
MiniMed Inc., the manufacturer of insulin pumps as well as other diabetes
devices, is notifying customers who have purchased the Model 508 insulin pump
on sale since October 4 this year [1999] that a software error could occur in
some of these pumps. Pumps affected include those containing "02A" near the
end of their serial number.

The problem appears to be created when the user changes two or more basal
rates after the initial basal rates have been set. MiniMed says that this can
cause unwanted changes in the timing of the new basal rates. The notification
sent to users contains specific programming instructions for "zeroing out" the
current basal rates and times before programming in the new rates to eliminate
this "rare and minor" error.

All pumps shipped since November 18 when the notification went out contain
upgraded software. MiniMed says it plans to recall and reprogram the pumps
already sent out which contain the software problem.

MiniMed plans to begin upgrading the software in the affected pumps early next
year. Initial estimates for the cost for this notification and "software
upgrade" was projected to be between $1 million and $1.5 million."

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