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[IP] Re: ins. bankrupt

> I just got the news at work that our health insurance (Tower) was out of
> business. <snip>  I
> doubt they had any connection with the towers of the 11th but I am totally
> amazed that this can happen.
> Anyone else have/had Tower insurance?  What's going on?
> Jack email @ redacted

I'll *bet* the WTC/Pentagon/PA thingy DID have something to do with it. Our
pastor and ass't pastor were looking for a health care plan and the agent
said he wouldn't doubt that his and many ins. companies would go bankrupt
over this. Imagine the cost to pay for the life policies on that many at
once, the medical costs, the individual offices that were lost and insured,
and the many, many vehicles to be replaced/repaired. That's quite a strain
on the insurance industry all at once whether it be
life/health/goods/fire/vehicles. USA was hit pretty hard in many aspects. We
WILL recover. (~_^)

God Bless America! <3

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