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[IP] Re: Non-responding highs

Sue writes:
<< You mean like if she's at 200, you can give her a bolus and she's back to 
100 or
 whatever the target
 is, within 75 minutes? I wonder if children absorb it faster or something, or
 maybe if children have less fat, it would get absorbed faster.
 - --- >>

Yes.  Now generally I wouldn't check after 60 minutes if I was just 
correcting a slight high (eg 200).  But if Claire is higher, then I have 
checked at 60-75 minutes to make sure she is coming down and that the site 
hasn't failed.  Generally by then she is back to a the number I have 
expected. Early in pumping, after checking at 60 minutes I was worried 
thinking she would drop further in the next hour and beyond, but that just 
wasn't so.   I don't want her to drop too fast, as I have read that a drop 
greater than 100 points an hour (5.0 mmol) causes swelling in the brain, so 
at times its a little tricky.  

Not sure if its all children, but certainly some people are more sensitive to 
the insulin, and Humalog does work very fast in Claire.  NPH insulin did NOT 
work well in her body.  Three years after dx she essentially had the same 
dose of R /H as she did at diagnosis but the amount of NPH she was taking 
went up 500%.  

Another thing different with kids (not sure if this is all kids of course) is 
the amount needed for a high-bg correction.  I had read Pumping Insulin 
cover-to-cover before pump start and was surprised when the nurse told me not 
to use those amounts for correction boluses.  Claire only requires .1 unit to 
lower 1.0 mmol which is equal to 18 points, so .5 units lowers her almost 100 
points. Yet her insulin/carb ratio is the same as many adults.  (1:15 morning 
and now 1:20 at lunch and later since starting school and playing right after 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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