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[IP] Re: Misapplication of 30%/hr Absorption

I am merely saying the same thing the humalog spec
and the Pumping Insulin book are saying. I don't
think it's fair to accuse me of trying to force
this on others. I'm contributing to the mailing
list just like everyone else. This mailing list is
wonderful. It has helped me enormously and
encouraged me to look into my own pumping much
more diligently.

Of *course* you would want to manage your own
numbers, and never change your routine without
good cause and without talking to your doctor,
especially if it 's working for you. Why would you
even consider such a thing because of an email?

There are really good formulas - a person can do
his own experiments, look at blood sugar changes
every hour, calculate how much the BS is expected
to fall and then see what really happens.

My absorption rate  is almost exactly 30% per hour
unless I'm doing some hard physical work. I think
it's fascinating that they can predict this. But
if others can get down to their target in just 1
hour. That's great. The most important thing is
that you do what works for you.

Yes I think *Barbara* was right.... 8-)

Richard Haynes wrote:

> Sue,I told you in one of my emails that the
> 30%/hr does not apply to me yet you do so. For
> unknown reasons you can not accept that fact. It
> is dangerous to continue to apply this rate
> without more detailed knowledge of the person.
> For example, I found that high Temp/%RH was a
> stress that drove my BS up up up. If I had used
> the 30% stuff I would be DEAD. I agree with Mary
> that you should NEVER impose the 30% stuff on
> anybody.If you continue in this mode, 30%
> forever, I think you should consider withdrawing
> from the mail list.Thanks for your misguided
> interest,Richard
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