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[IP] Re: non-responding highs-humalog

For me I know that the humalog drops my BG level fairly fast within the
first hour but I know it sometimes takes 2 hours to drop the persistent
highs.  I always check within the hour after a unexpected high. Fats seem to
linger in my system, and I have been utilizing the dual wave bolus with more
success. It is still a crap shoot and my process isn't 100% fail-safe but I
am learning.

One thing that I know to leave alone is mediocre sugars like 180, 190 by not
giving myself even a half dose to drop 30 points. My correction rate is one
unit per 60. I know that if I correct these mediocre readings, I end up
being low-40 within the next 1-2 hours. I feel the best thing is to
experiment within limits, taking account what works for you and what
doesn't. Best wishes and happy pumping. Sharon B.
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