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[IP] Re: sils inserter

I heard that the silouhette inserter is supposed to be available in December
of this year. I use sils also-my husband has the job of inserting the sils
in areas where I can't insert myself. I lay on my side and he inserts the
set into my side. Make sure it is a spot where you can disconnect it
yourself. I have a problem with dexterity-I am a righty, my left hand takes
more than one try (2-3 tries?) to squeeze the plastic tabs. Just food for
thought regarding where you put it-you definitely will need to be able to
disconnect by yourself.

My question regarding the inserter, I hope it won't be an ungodly price like
the soft serter-$50.00 my first one came in my pump starting set. But I
wanted to buy a second one just in case I was away from my little blue MM
bag. No thank you!  Does anybody know if the sils inserter is a free bee
(fat chance) or if it will be covered by insurance? Thanks Sharon B.
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