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[IP] Diagnoising - fromerly Re: Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Diabetes

<<As an anecdotal thing, I have a friend who is a CDE and she is always
with new DXs in the November-January time period. Mostly type 2s. Her
supposition is that the holiday food overload finally brings everything to
the fore.
Jan and Elvis>>
Cory was dx'd 12/28 - BUT he is type 1.  While he was in the hospital there
were 14 newly dx'd children admitted.  The hosptial was short on staff due to
the holidays.  What a time to be admitted!
email @ redacted writes:
I do think that the onset of TI is probably pretty normal
but that the dx of it may not be.  I think that lower income children may
only see a doctor once a year and that school nurses would help find it

Cory saw his allergist in late Nov. of 98 - at the time he seemed to be OK.
This was followed with a well child check up at his peditricians.  Again, he
seemed to be fine.  But by 12/ 28/98, he had lost 20 lbs and was in DKA.   I
took him to his ped who did not believe he had lost that much weight and who
dx'd him with a sinus infection.  It was only through my continuing
insistance that he finally agreed to do a urinalysis.  I had been noticing
the weight loss for at least 3 weeks as well as other symthons but tried to
contribute it to the fact he had just stopped taking steroids.  NO the school
nurse nor his teachers never ever suspected anything was wrong.  NOW would
you believe this ped sent him home for the night with the statement that he
would call the next day with admit orders?  The next day I again had to
become very "pushy" to get Cory admitted to the hospital.  By then he was
extremely dehydrated.  With hindsight, I now feel he should have gone
straight from the peds office to the hospital!  We certainly need for the
medical people (and perhaps school nurses) to be more aware of the symptoms
of Diabetes!
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