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[IP] Re: Non-responding highs

 In a message dated 9/29/01 10:52:38 AM Central Daylight Time, 
 email @ redacted writes:
 > I HAVE A SERIES OF MEASUREMENTS AT 1HR AND 2 HRS. At 1hr 60-80% is used. >>
 I find that with Claire age 7, as well, most of her humalog bolus is gone in 
about an hour.  I tried that 30 % guideline after she started pumping, but it 
was way, way off.  Any high blood sugar correction has pretty much done all 
its work within the first 75 minutes.  Does anyone with kids pumping find 
that only 30% is used up in the first hour?--I'm curious.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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