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[IP] RE: Katie's 1st Pumpin' A1c

That's great that you can achieve that with (hopefully) not too
many lows. We have yet to get Shannon's (11) below 7.8% and we've
been pumping 2yrs in November. The first year, her A1C's just
went up and up (not by a LOT but still up), but finally started
coming down in the second year. However, now we seem to be
stuck - it has not budged for the past 3 A1C's and has remained
steady at 7.8%. I'm not unhappy with that number though, as it is
appropriate for her age and we're achieving it with fairly stable
numbers. I am in the process of making some basal and bolus/carb
ratio changes, as well as switching to Novolog, so it may be
lower next time. We'll see!
Her lowest A1C pre-pumping was 7.8% and her highest, at dx 5yrs
ago Nov, was 23%!!! (No that's not a typo!)

Take care, Kerri
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