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Re: [IP] Night Sweats

At 02:36 PM 9/29/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>     Does anyone else go through periods of having really strong night
>sweats?  I cannot tell if the are lows or highs and they do not happen if I
>decide to wake up and take a 3am sugar reading.  I usually wake up high
>250's when I wake in the morning, but I am also cold and drenched in wet

For a while (pre-pump) I was having a bad problem with the same issue. My 
endo was fairly mysterious about it. He said it could be a number of other 
things but let's get the dramatic swings in BG under control first (he 
though the most likely cause was the liver kicking in during a low BG, I 
wanted to wear a BG monitor and prove or disprove this theory but it never 
happened). Since going on the pump (12/2000) my BG swings have really been 
moderated and I have not had the sweating episodes so perhaps he was right.

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