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[IP] Insulin in the mail

I received my first Rx order from Merck-Medco yesterday. The box (1' cube)
was packed with bubble wrap, a large very-padded envelope (white vinyl that
was real puffy), two ice packs along with 4 vials of insulin and 7 boxes of
strips. One bottle of pills for my hugsband was included.

This notice was inside:
Dear Patient:
Thank you for ordering your prescription through Merck-Medco, your benefit
plan's mail service pharmacy provider. Please find enclosed the insulin
prescription they you recently ordered. Please note that it has been shipped
utilizing Merck-Medco's new schedule and enhanced shipping process for
insulin. If you have ordered other...."  I am impressed. I was disappointed
that the UPS guy rang the doorbell and left it on the front porch. If I had
not been home, it would have sat in the sun. Otherwise, it was very well
thought out and packaged. I'm sure MANY IPers had much to do with their *new
schedule and enhanced shipping process*.

We had 9 Rx's in all and 6 came yesterday. Naturally the one I have run out
of 4 days early is NOT one of the ones that arrived! Looking for it in
today's mail. I was also pleasantly surprised that the co-pay was much less
than expected. Hope they figured it correctly! These say I can reorder
11/30/01 and I will - if he still has insurance/job then. Gotta cover my

Now also I'm hoping they'll ship the vials of Procrit (erythropoietin = EPO)
nephrologist ordered for me to shoot myself with instead of those weekly
hospital visits required by the other ins. co. (~_^)

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