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[IP] High fat meals

Hi everyone,
     Just wanted to say that I finally found a formula for Johnny that works
for high fat meals! I know this is one of your YMMV, but after so many
different combinations we've hit on this formula.  We figure the total he's
to bolus for that meal including the amount to cover a high, if he's high.
Take 2/3 of it and do a normal bolus and the remaining 1/3 we do in an
extended bolus for 1 hour.
    We tried so many combinations. 1/2 reg. &1/2 extended for 1/2 hr. or the
same extended for 1 hr or for 3 hours. Or give him the correction bolus if
he's high in a normal bolus along with 1/2 the amount he was to bolus for
that meal & extend the other 1/2 of the normal bolus for 1 hour etc.,  you
get the picture. We just tried doing different combinations.  Anyway, it's
taken 3 months to finally hit the formula that's right for him.
    His two favorite meals are McDonald's and Pizza (of course he doesn't
get this all the time!) and it works for both! His two hour after reading
has been between 95 and 140 where before it was always over 200.
    Just had to share my one little accomplishment.
Dianne, mom to Johnny 9
P.S.  Even though there's been times that I didn't know if we could handle
all the figuring involved in the pump and getting used to a different type
of program, I wouldn't go back to him taking shots.  The freedom with the
pump is great!  He agrees too.  He says he never wants anyone to take his
pump away.
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