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Re: [IP] non responding highs

Don't forget that humalog is absorbed at 30% per hour too, so after 1 hour you
will still have
70% of the initial dose unused. So you probably don't want to take another bolus
after only 1
hour has passed. You have to give it some time to pull down the glucose level.
After 1 hour, you should observe the glucose dropping but it wont necessarily be
at the target you were aiming for.

If you take 4.5 units,
30% of 4.5 units is 1.35 units, that gets used per hour.

So if you inject 4.5 units at 2 PM:

2 PM you have 4.5 units of unused insulin
3 PM  you have 3.15 units
4 PM  you have 1.80 units
5 PM  you have .45 units
6 PM none of the initial dose would be left.

This is only for **humalog** .  Regular has a different absorption rate.
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