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[IP] RE: non-responding highs

Dear frineds,
Please be careful about using these calculations. Pump users
should use calculations provided by their pump management
team (or, without a team, check the options and calculations
in Pumping Insulin, or use the calculator area of the IP web
site.)  Not everyone will use the same correction factor
formula.  There are formulas for varying target points,
depending on age, activity, bedtime, and the presence or
absence of ketones.  This is definitely a case of Your
Milage Will Vary!  The example provided could be too much
for someone who is insulin sensitive and barely enough for
someone heading for an episode of DKA.

The basal rate testing cited may or may not be recommended
by your management team. Basal test profiling should be
repeated (replicated) at least one other time before making
adjustments. The example provided may work for one
individual, but not for all people who are insulin pumpers.

Safe pumping,
Barbara B.

>>Get your BS down with shots with a needle- don't worry
about the basal rate.
(1) Measure your BS, (2) use the scale 40 units BS/unit of
insulin and also
target range of 120. Example: 300( Measured BS ) - 120 = 180
;next 180/40 =
4.5 units insulin. So give yourself a shot of 4.5 units.
Next measure your BS
1 hr later. Use the example to calculate the number of units
of insulin to
give in the next shot.

A very quick and dirty way to set Basal rate. Get your BS to
100 the let the
BS go up at least 3 ( then 4 hrs ) hrs then measure your BS.
The BS increase
for example let it be 300BS so the increase was 300BS in
3hrs or 100BS units/
hrs. Now the calculation is 40BS units/unit of insulin. So
for 100BS increase
you need 100/40BS/ unit insulin=2.5 unit of insulin/hr which
is your basal
rate. To test measure your BS the let BS goes for 3 hr and
your BS should not

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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