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Re:[IP] Re: high bs vs. low bs

Hi Barbara,
No, we don't feel your view is lop-sided.  Hubby's first endo (before we
moved 800+ miles) explained that the body of a person with diabetes gets
used to a certain range for blood sugars, and when you run "high" (a
relative term, if ever there were one), then the body views anything lower
as a low, and even higher blood sugars may not be perceived by the body as
highs.  That's why someone used to running say 200-300 can have S/S of a
hypo should the BS drop quickly to say 120.  Hubby's endos all have set
target ranges that slowly (like a 10 point difference) help his body adjust
to gradually getting to a target that's nearer a "normal" range so that he
can avoid that crappy feeling if he's below say 120.  Now Hubby can have
blood sugars in the 100-150 range, even get down to 80, and feel great, yet
if he gets above 200, he starts to feel lousy.  Big difference from the guy
on MDI who used to think he had to be at 200 so he wouldn't hypo (yeah, had
horrible BS swings before "Ace, the PP" [portable pancreas]).
I also believe there was a response to a letter years ago in "Diabetes
Forecast" that said the same thing in so many words.  Guess it's sort of
like someone used to living at a high altitude with less O2 in the air.
They're fine, but we used-to-near-sea-level folks gasp for air until our
bodies get adjusted (like those baking recipes you have to adjust for high
Anyway, it's having more consistency with your glucose range without extreme
highs or lows, and with what you feel comfortable and safe that really
counts, isn't it?
Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)

"Fellow pumpers:

This will sound like heresy, but I want to throw it out there anyway.

In my 47 years of diabetes, I can honestly say that when I've felt the most
rotten is when my bs is too low.  At 300 or 400, I feel just fine.  At 85,
however, I feel like sh**t.  Now, of course I know the "better" number is
85, but please someone tell my body that.  Now, with the pump, the 300s and
400s are very few, if any, but I continue to despise low bs as much as
ever.  Given the choice between 85 and 170, I will choose 170, because I
will feel GREAT.  Are the high bs causing complications and shortening my
life? OF COURSE THEY ARE.  But there is the issue of quality of life.  When
I am low, I just want to lie down - not that I do, because I work
full-time.  When I am high I can carry on normally.

Is there anyone else with my lopsided view of blood sugars?

Regards to all,
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