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Re: [IP] daunted by opportunity...

--- catherine popper <email @ redacted> wrote:
 I can't seem to inspire myself
> to truly take advantage of the pump and figure out
> correction boluses, and other equations so many of you
> use. Does anyone feel this way? I've always avoided
> involving my endo, because the choice I make in how
> much insulin to take is ultimately made by me
> according to exercise and food on a day to day basis. 

How did you know what I have been thinking lately?  It is hard for me
to move forward with progress!  I have had a pump of one kind or
another for over thirteen years. I was checked into a teaching
hospital, handed over to a group of doctors or med students who talked
all around me, but never to me, hooked up to a Biostator after the
private nurse left me hooked up to an external insulin pump and pumped
me almost to oblivion before another nurse found me and rescued me.  I
went from VERY low to very high for the first 12 hours, then I was held
around 180 for the next 12 hours.  On that, they established my basals!
 Why am I hesitant to rework them and improve them?  I don't know.  My
daughter just started her pump less than a month ago and her numbers
put mine to shame!  She is getting lots of education (for lotsa
insurance bucks.)  I was essentially trained by a MiniMed salesman!  

I had pretty much decided my control was as good as it could get, but
after seeing what a little more work could do, I plan to start testing
my basals soon.  Maybe I need a challenge to do it.  Do you? ;)



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