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Re: [IP] Re: high bs vs. low bs

Barbara email @ redacted wrote:

"Is there anyone else with my lopsided view of blood sugars?"

Well, sort of!  I really don't like by BGs to run below 100.  I average
about 150 and my doc sees no problem with that.  I am most happy around
130 and I know there are other pumpers who have the same range.  It all
depends on what your body is used to.  Before pumping (and before
getting my sugars under control in getting ready for pumping) I felt
"weird" i.e. shaky and nervous when my BGs were under 180, because I was
probably averaging around 250 at that time.

Now that I am in much better control and my body is used to being below
200, I start to feel kind of thirsty and tired whenever my BGs creep
above 200.  Before I would feel fine.  One of my BG readings yesterday
was 88 and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't feel like I was
going to pass out.

Also, there's nothing wrong with 170, if that is what your target is.
The whole power in the pump is having a target and being able to
successfully get there on a consistent basis.  Then you can lower the
target easily if you want.  170 may have a more comfortable margin of
(low) error than 100 for you.  So if that is where you're comfortable
at, keep on with it.

Best wishes,


[DM since 10/86 - pumping MM508 since 5/01]
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