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Re: [IP] pump specifications

> I just called the mini med product information line to ask about the
> size of the reservoir in the paradigm pump. The woman I spoke to
> said as far as she knew the reservoir was the same size as the 508,
> which I know is wrong. Can anyone tell me how many units it will
> hold? Does anyone have an idea of the release date of this pump? The
> woman was not very helpful.(I am Canadian cannot do the upgrade
> deal)

There was a Minimed chat about this a couple of months ago. The 
reservoir is 1.5 - 1.8 cc, but they plan to optionally use U200 
insulin which would provide the same total units of insulin as 
the current pumps for those who need the full 300 units. I believe 
they said the anticipated release was early next year.

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