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[IP] Re: Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Diabetes

> I do think that the onset of TI is probably pretty normal
> but that the dx of it may not be.  I think that lower income children may
> only see a doctor once a year and that school nurses would help find it
> also.
> Jack email @ redacted

Interesting *thought* (was going to say *assumption* but you know what that
does) - I was a lower-income child and saw the dr. the first time in my life
5 days before going into a coma and taken to the ER at 11.5 y/o. I had
suffered with boils, sties, and carbuncles for the previous 8 years
(stepfather had boils and I believe I got the continuing staph infection
from him at 3 y/o). I never had any kind of vaccination. When my bro had
measles I had a rash on my upper lip. When he had mumps I didn't feel good.
When he had chicken pox I had 3 of them (poxes). Still after 51 years of DM
I am the only one in the family with it.

BTW, the dog was taken to the vet for not feeling well before I was ever
taken to a dr. The first dr. (5 days b4 coma) said I needed my tonsils out.
Mom didn't want me to get hurt so took me to a diff. one next day who said I
was run down and gave me 2 vitamin shots (first ever shots) and said I was
just a kid complaining, therefore, I went into a coma to prove I was really
sick. That's been the story of my life ever since: Tests show nothing's
wrong but I have full-blown symptoms of whatever. (~_^)

Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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