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[IP] More newbie questions

>>2) My fingertips are killing me.  I'm testing 8-12 times per day per my dr's
instructions, and she only lets me use arm blood for pre-meal readings after
the One Touch letter about post-meal readings using arm blood being
inaccurate.  Unfortunately, I spend my whole day using my fingers (10 hours
on the computer + flute playing + knitting).  Any suggestions about creams,
etc. to make my fingertips happier with me?<<

My friend is a licensed aesthetician and she works closely with my and my
local D pals to provide diabetes specific skin, nail, and hair care. We use
a couple of different methods. One of the most simple is to get 100% pure
tea tree oil. The oil is a good emollient and has antiseptic properties.
Another solution is  a specific product called "One Minute Manicure." It is
also very emollient and has exfoliating properties as well. The third
solution is to use alpha hydroxy products on your hands. You can use a daily
cream or a weekly/semi-weekly mask. "Alpha Hydrox" brand products  are good
drug store variety. For a more "upscale" product try Dermalogica, which you
can find at a spa or on the web. You can combine these different methods.
They will all help your finger tips and keep the rest of the skin on your
hands looking young and healthy.

Amy B. Anderson
Apple Product Professional

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