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[IP] Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Diabetes

Hmmmm, I was dx'd in Jan, But I know I was exhibiting symptoms in early
November - I remember being soooo sick one night. It prob was DKA. Although
a study I am in investigates a high rate of diagnosed cases in the Milwaukee
and Madison area that fall/winter (1982-83). And the study is hypothesizing
the virus theory and my DKA episode could have actually been the start of
the supposed virus that causes diabetes.

I have also read somewhere about Sweden? having the largest Type I
percentage of D's. It links back to a genetic theory. Part of my family has
Swedish heritage and there is at least person on that side of the family
(currently) that has Type I. The German side of the family is all Type 2 (my
mother's father and all of his 9 brothers and sisters), but their marriages
have been fairly happy as far as I know. But the sure eat a lot of German

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