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[IP] Re: Rash from tape

I had the same problem almost a year ago.  You may need to do some research 
and testing on your daughter's skin.  I found I was allergic to the IV Prep 
and also to several of the tapes.  With help from the MM clinical support 
people, I was able to obtain a variety of preps and tapes.  I used my belly 
and applied various preps and tapes in a pattern that I charted.  For some, 
it took only a few minutes for my skin to react.  For others, it took 24 
hours.  To clear these areas, I found (with the help of a wound care 
specialist RN) a cream called Calmoseptine.  It's available without 
prescription but my pharmacy needs to order it.  It's a real soother if your 
daughter has really reactive skin.  When I pull a site, I clean it and use a 
small amount of over the counter antibiotic ointment on it.  Haven't had any 
problem with infections.

I've been using Bard prep and sils insertion sets for about a year.  I also 
need  to combine Humalog with Velosulin in a 1:5 ratio suggested by Michael 
and his Lily.  It took real persistence and commitment for me to stay on the 
pump.  Now, I wouldn't give it up.

Good luck and write me privately if your daughter continues to have problems. 
 Jill T Peaks Island Maine
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