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[IP] Re: Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Diabetes

 >> like most diabetics are diagnosed in Fall (which doesn't seem
 >> true for this list)
 >> This is self reporting here. There are lots for reasons why this
 >> could be true. Mostly that kids are more likely to be dx'ed for TI
 >> and the stress of school, along with required doctor visits would
 >> make it more likely for doctors records to see an influx in the
 >> fall, imo..

 > We actually have some stats on this, look at the ABOUT page of the
 > web site. It is only slightly higher in the winter, otherwise time of
 > diagnosis is pretty evenly distributed.
 > Michael

I think that's my point, that it is self reporting.  I very well agree that 
it may well be evenly distributed, but would  rather see what the actual 
doctors that dx it report.  How close is the distribution of I-P'ers to the 
actual distribution of dm'ers by age, sex, income group, etc.  I would take 
a guess that this list has average higher income than the general dm 
population (most of us have access to a computer).  Of the 716, how many 
are T1's?  I would expect TII's could be closer to a normal 
distribution.  I do think that the onset of TI is probably pretty normal 
but that the dx of it may not be.  I think that lower income children may 
only see a doctor once a year and that school nurses would help find it 
also.  But, I could be wrong as I was just trying to find explanations that 
fit with those 'facts'.

I think that the stats on the site are great, but can only be used for our 
listmates.  This does remind me that I should update my stats, as there 
have been some changes.

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
  - Albert Einstein
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