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[IP] new, improved numbers

First of all, yes, Michael, I just finished updating my profile.
I celebrated (?) my 11th diagnosis anniversary this month. Today, I saw my
endo. and found out my latest A1c is 7.4 - a big improvement for me. My dr.
has been great: supportive and concerned when the numbers weren't good (but no
big blaming guilt games), and quietly extatic today when it's much better. He
was so kind, telling me how I've worked really hard to get to this point,
which is true, but I give him a lot of credit for helping me. (This is a dr.
who called me 2 hours after today's appointment to add to the information he
gave me about a minor question I asked in his office!!!!) And then, there's my
pump. It's been such a great tool in my quest for better control. Now if only
the insurance people would understand that I made the best choice for me and
quit messing up the claims..... But that's another story.
So, my question for you: what should I do to mark this occasion of an 11th
ann. and new, improved numbers? I know it's not a huge accomplishment compared
with many, but it feels pretty big to me right now and I want to do something.
I am going to send a huge (not in size) thank you card to my dr., but I also
want to do something for me - and eating a huge ice cream sundae doesn't seem
like the most appropriate reward! :-) any ideas out there?
Heather & Righteous Babe
dx'd 9/18/01, pumping 4/01.
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