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RE: [IP] Low Salt Diet?

Hi Roxanne:
Personally I prefer froz veggies because they have a better flavor than
fresh ones, or at least certain ones do.

However, you have to remember I was pregnant w/my first child 25 years ago.
There were no glucose monitors nor pumps.  My ob put me on a no salt, no
sugar diet and I was only allowed to gain 25 lbs.  (I only gained 14)

Anyway, he told me that I could not have any canned or frozen foods
including veggies and definitely no processed meats, etc.  Everything I ate
had to be made from scratch and fresh.  I even had to rinse out my tuna and
couldn't eat it w/mayo..used to squeeze lemons on them...very boring to say
the least.

So perhaps things have improved in 25 yrs as far as freezing veggies, etc.
since then.

Thx for info though. :)
Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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