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Re: [IP] Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Diabetes

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> I remember this from a lecture that I attended in college.  The highest
> of diabetes is with the PIMA Indians (I believe that is the Nation of
> Americans).  I can't remember the exact percentage, but I believe it was >
> 50%.  And I don't know if it is Type 1 or Type 2.

The Pima tribe lives in the Sonora Desert of Northern Mexico and Arizona.
The U.S. branch has an extremely high rate of Type 2 diabetes, while it's
rare in the Mexican branch.

Reason: when the whites diverted the water from the Gila River for their own
farming use, the U.S. Pimas lost their already precarious livelihood and had
to depend on government handouts like white flour and lard -- and resulting
taste for "American" food rather than native food has resulted in massive
obesity rates and massive diabetes rates.

The basic genetics are there in both groups, but the Mexican group still
farms, eats native foods and does physical labor, while the U.S. group
drives pick-ups, eats fry bread and gulps Coke.

Not a happy ending.
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