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Re: [IP] More newbie questions (long post)

> 2) My fingertips are killing me.  I'm testing 8-12 times per day per
> my dr's instructions, 

I presume you mean the sides of your fingers???

also, switch to the B&D ultra-fine lancets with a lance device that 
lets you adjust the depth of the blade -- you hardly notice it then 
and you shouldn't get sore.
> 3) I have tons of bruising on the sides of my thighs, which started
> literally the same day I started taking the insulin injections.  I
> frequently have little circular grey bruises associated with
> injections (I do use the short humalog pen needles).  Any idea what
> is causing this and what might make it go away?

The injections are too deep. Try doing the injection by sliding the 
needle beneath the skin sideways like you would insert a Tender or 
Silohuette infusion set at a 15-30 degree angle.

> 4) Can someone please explain to me what the heck a "honeymoon"
> period is and how long it lasts?  

Your pancreas is still making insulin. This can go on typically for 
up to a year. There is no deadline, more for some less for others.
It does make it somewhat easier to get use to pump management because 
your pancreas will take up the slack and correct for your small 
mistakes. It will definetly be easier than with MDI

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